Communicability in Corporate Intranet: analyzing the interaction among deaf bilingual users

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Autores: Aline da Silva Alves, Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira, Viviane Santos de Oliveira, Denis Silva da Silveira e Alberto Barbos Raposo

Publicado em: International Journal of Advanced Computer Science – Vol 3, No 6 - ISSN: 2251-6379X

Ano: 2013

This article presents issues of communicability that can impact in the interaction of pre-linguistic bilingual deep deaf user on a corporate Intranet. Therefore, an evaluation was carried out in the interface of a corporate system of a science and technology institution in health based on the Communicability Evaluation Method (CEM) from the Semiotic Engineering, where the objective was to evaluate the failure in communication between the interface and those users. From this research, which analyzed failures in communication between the interface and deaf users in an organizational context, it was possible to demonstrate the importance of including deaf users in the development process of interfaces for corporate information systems on the web by reducing the existing gap between these users and the interface.

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