Using Cultural Viewpoint Metaphors to Provide Web Accessibility for the Visually Impaired Users

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Autores: Letícia Seixas Pereira, Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira, Hélio Braga, Luciana Cardoso de Castro Salgado e Ricardo Rodrigues Nunes

Publicado em: Procedia Computer Science - ISSN 1877-0509 - Volume 27 - páginas 186-196

Ano: 2014

The use of technology has increased significantly, so it is important to make the information available and accessible for all people. Through the efforts to promote accessibility, users with visual disabilities have increasingly enjoyed the services provided by the Internet. These technologies tend to approach the reality of theirs members by everyday signs (metaphors), which, when combined with cultural factors, may be used as communication artifacts of approach or detachers between two people from different realities. This paper examines how the use of Cultural Viewpoint Metaphors in the cultural development of web pages can help promoting accessibility.

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