Behavior analysis of elderly users on purchasing transactions at the website

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Autores: Rafael Xavier E. de Almeida, Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira e Denis Silveira

Publicado em: IADIS (International Association for Development of the Information Society) International Conference - WWW/INTERNET 2011

Ano: 2011

Senior citizens represent a group of Internet users that is constantly growing. They use the Internet for assorted activities such as communication, paying bills, purchases on e-Commerce websites among others. In order to make the online purchase a process that is easy, fast and without traumas, it is important that the websites’ interfaces be easy to use by this group of people. Some researches list several usability problems, assess user satisfaction and suggest that small adjustments and better suited functionalities could be implemented to help elderly users, without burdening website development, turning this group of people into more active users in the online purchasing and bringing them to  the technological world. The present study aims to evaluate the online purchase process by senior citizens, in order to make recommendations allowing developers to organize e-Commerce websites so that information is better perceived and understood by this group of people.

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