Can Usability Influence the Success of an on-line Shop?

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Autores: Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira, Anna Luiza Bacellar; Diana Reis Gonçalves & Marie Agines Chauvel

Publicado em: Anais da conferência IAMOT – International Association for Management of Technology, Washington/EUA

Ano: 2004

“Shoptime”, a company part of “Organizações Globo” created in 1997 and its core business is selling products through TV and magazines. In terms of competitiveness, information is essential to “Shoptime” being a key factor not only in terms of competitiveness but also in terms of public perception. Information permeates this organization in several distinctive ways. The Internet revolution has made this company aware that information is not only important for internal but also for external consumption. With the development of internet innovations, this company perceived a great opportunity to offer convenience for purchasing on-line. So the arrival of “Shoptime” in the internet ( was a natural consequence of this technology tendency. Information systems are responsible for processing and distributing the information among this organization. Due this information importance, shoptime’s site became essential to the company’s success. Its user interface, part of the system where the dialogue between man and machine is established, became this way an important feature and must really be easy to use, that is, it must be user-friendly, orientated towards usability. To obtain such interfaces, the designers must take in consideration the non functional requirement (NFR) usability at the system definition. These requirements, related to data input and to visualization of information, may contribute to obtain quality information, correct and not ambiguous. This paper presents an analytical study of the NFR usability of a commercial site,, and shows how the lack of consideration of these requirements can interfere on a site.

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