Analysis of the Non-Functional Requirement Usability in E-commerce’s Sites

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Autores: Paula Misan Klajnberg; Gustavo Adolpho Batalha Costa & Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira

Publicado em: Anais da conferência IAMOT – International Association for Managemnt of Technology,  Nancy/França

Ano: 2003

It is important that information systems dealing with day-to-day information be easy to use. Progress made has made possible the construction of better user’s interfaces. With the advance of the graphical user interfaces (GUI), people with no computer education are using some organizations’ web site to perform several of their day-to-day tasks, like supermarket shopping. Given this context and realizing the difficulties some women have every month when they try to buy groceries online, we decided to work on an interface comparative analysis of the four largest Supermarket sites. For that, we used the non functional requirement (NFR) usability taxonomy.

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